Hottest Fall Polishes

By Aniela / September 6, 2012

Let's take a look at the hottest fall polishes! Time to ditch the neon, and start off the fall season with some more sophisticated, classic nail polish hues. But just because colder weather is around the corner, doesn't mean you completely have to abandon your brights. This season we'll see plenty of matte, muted colors, which can be super pretty, but we'll also see tons of bold, jewel toned polishes that will pair perfectly with those new fall boots of yours! And don't forget : for the perfect manicure, keep your nails short and square with rounded squares.

Soft Satin Shades

If you're looking for a more subtle nail polish, you'll love the new satin finishes this season! Think soft, subdued pinks, satiny nudes, and shimmery roses. These are the perfect during-the-day shades as well as at the office.

Dark and Dreamy

For the later fall months, go dark with deep burgundys, midnight blues, and deep purples. These shades will make you feel strong, empowered, and ready to take on the day (or the night) !

Pales and Nudes

You don't have to go all dark this season; pale and nude polish is also big this fall, so make sure your nails are perfectly polished in order to pull this nail trend off perfetly. It will give you a soft, sultry look you just won't be able to resist!


Printed nails were all the rage on the 2012 Fall runways. But instead of going the usual summer route with bright hues and florals, think darker prints like snakeskin, dark tribal, and metallic prints. Perfect for a wild night out!

The Twisted French Manicure

Forget your usual French mani – it's outdated and a little blah. Instead, go for the twisted French mani and do a muted, creamy base coat (something nude), and line your tips with a dark red, midnight blue, or just black for a super cool effect.

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