How to Make Your Own Nail Polish

By Aniela / January 3, 2019

Did you know that you can make your own nail polish? It's true! With just a few simple ingredients, this fun, crafty project will allow you to make a slew of different color combinations. Time to let your creative side out in this tutorial for how to make your own nail polish!

A homemade nail polish is pretty easy to achieve, and you only need a few tools, but the color combination can literally be endless! Grab a friend and make a girls' night out of this super fun and creative DIY!

How to Make Your Own Nail Polish – Recipe

homemade nail polish

So why make your own nail polish? Well for starters, it's just something fun and creative to do, but it will also allow you to create some colors that you may not have found in stores before!

Maybe your were looking for that extra special shade of pink or blue, but never really found it! Well now's your chance to make your very own color combos!

There are actually quite a few days of making your own nail polish, and some of those involve some pretty complex, and hard to get ingredients – we won't be doing that today! Instead, we'll keep it simple, mess-free, and most of all, fun! Because in the end, DIYs should be all about that!

You'll Need:

  • Clear nail polish
  • Eyeshadow


  1. Choose an eyeshadow that you won't be using anymore or that may have broken up. This will be the color of your nail polish, so get really creative here and maybe mix two or even three different eyeshadow colors together!
  2. Dump the eyeshadow into a Ziploc bag and close the bag. Break up the fine eyeshadow as finely as you can. Be very diligent about this because you don't want clumpy nail polish!
  3. Using a pair of scissors, cut a small opening in the corner of the Ziploc bag and pour the powdered eyeshadow into the bottle of clear polish.
  4. Give that a good shake and your customized homemade nail polish is ready to apply!


  • This is just a fun, simple project, so don't expect top quality nail polish, especially on your first try!
  • The color combinations are endless, so don't be shy and try several different combos…you never know what you may end up with!
  • The higher quality the eyeshadow and clear nail polish, the higher quality your custom nail polish will be (obvs!)
  • If you have mica powders, you can also use that instead of eyeshadow!

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Make Your Own Nail Polish
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