Love Smashbox O’Gloss!!!

By Aniela / February 8, 2010

So I finally caved in and got the Smashbox O'Gloss lipgloss after months of thinking, reviewing, and researching. Why would I think so much about buying a lipgloss?

Love Smashbox O'Gloss!!!

Well to start, I have about 50 lipglosses, most of which I don't really like because they're either too sticky, too glossy, or just the wrong color. So when I counted all of my lipglosses and realized how many I had, I didn't really wanna buy anymore, but I've been looking at the O'Gloss for a while now, and have been wanting to try it.

So here's my review!

What's so great about Smashbox O'Gloss is that it's self-adjusting to the tint of your lips. So although the gloss goes on clear at first, the second you put it on, it will adjust to your lip color and give you just the perfect tint.

I loved the color that came out of it…my lips have never experienced an awesomer shade!! So I'm happy to report that I was very pleased with my purchase. Also, the O'Gloss is not sticky at all, but, as this is still a lipgloss, you'll still have to reapply pretty often. Other than that, I definitely give O'Gloss two thumbs up!

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13 years ago

wow if only where i could find this gloss!it sounds so great!