8 Nightly Skin Routines to Make You Look Younger

By Aniela / August 22, 2016

You don't have to visit a facialist or spend a ton of dough to look younger – all you have to do is a follow a routine. Do these 8 things every night before bed and prevent premature aging, erase fine lines & wrinkles and look 10 years younger in weeks! All your skin really wants is a little TLC! So here are 8 nightly skin routines to make you look younger.

8 Nightly Skin Routines to Look Younger

#1. Use Oil Based Makeup Removers

clinique take the day off makeup remover

Using oil based makeup removers before bed will break up products' waxes & polymers that have been caked to your face all day long. Leaving those waxes and polymers on will result in clogged pores which in turn results in pimples – big no-no! So make sure to always use an oil based makeup remover right before bed – your skin will thank you!

#2. Use An Exfoliating Cleanser

olay exfoliating cleanser

After you've removed your makeup, use an exfoliating cleanser to slough off dead skin cells, remove any dirt and impurities, and give your skin some breathing room. When you remove those dead skin cells, you are revealing newer, younger looking skin.

#3. Use a Product With Hyaluronic Acid to Keep Skin Hydrated

neutrogena hydro boost

Experts say that dehydration is one of the number 1 causes of premature aging. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body and is responsible for retaining moisture, especially in thin skin areas such as around the eyes. A topical formula will help your skin cells really seal in that moisture.

#4. Treat Breakouts Before Bed

clean&clear advantage acne spot treatment

If you're prone to breakouts and you know where they usually occur, use a formula that contains salycilic acid as a spot treatment. Treating breakouts BEFORE they occur is something you should do on a nightly basis.

#5. Use a Rich Antioxidant Cream

pure nature antioxidant cream

On a daily basis, your skin is exposed to all kinds of pollutants, and therefore you need to really address that. Using a rich antixodiant cream will protect your skin against daily pollutants and give it a rich dose of moisture.

#6. Use Retinoids

retinol night cream

Retinoids are vitamin-A derivatives that are crucial to healthy, younger looking skin. Because retinoid creams are deactivated by sunlight, its best to apply this only at night before bed. These creams can heal your skin from sun damage.

#7. Use an Eye Cream

cliniquie all about eyes eye cream

Your eye area is the most sensitive part and therefore prone to fine lines first before any other area. Treat it as such! Use an eye cream every night before bed to reduce puffiness in the morning, prevent bags, and erase fine lines.

#8. Pull Your Hair Away From Your Face Before Sleep

pull hair back

If you're acne prone or have oily skin, make sure to always tie your hair is a loose pony before going to sleep. The oils from your hair can rub off on your skin, causing breakouts and an oily complexion.

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