Eyebrow Threading: Yay or Nay?

By Aniela / April 15, 2010

Eyebrow threading: something you're into or not? So a few weeks ago I went to get my eyebrows threaded and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I usually just pluck my own eyebrows because I hate waiting in between..the strays just drive me crazy, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyways.

Eyebrow Threading: Yay or Nay?

All I can say is…wow! My brows have never looked better. I've had them waxed at professional salons before, but nothing compared to the threading! I must admit it hurt a little bit…ok, A LOT, at one point I thought I was going to cry then pass out. But, that went away in just a few seconds, so don't let that scare you..it's totally worth it!

It is a little bit more expensive than waxing though, I paid $12…well $15 with the tip, whereas a wax is only $5, so it's actually triple. But, if you have eyebrow threading available in your area, I suggest you go out and do it. They do such an amazing job and the shape is just amazing. So I say yaaay! to eyebrow threading. What are your thoughts on it?

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14 years ago

very nice beautful

14 years ago

gosh, really? from the place I live(Malaysia), when i went to a mall. I saw this threading thing which costs(in my currency) RM12 whereas waxing is RM19. JUST for eyebrows. :\

14 years ago

OMG! Iv had this done, It Works! it cost $10 dollars to have it done and it worked, it makes your skin a little red afterwards but that goes down in like 5 mins, its so much more easier then waxing or using tweezers! I would get a professional to do it though or some one who nows what they are doing, try it its easy and works!! Looks great!

14 years ago

i only paid for like 100 pesos so for US it’s like less than $2.

13 years ago

I got threading done for the first time today and I agree. It’s also especially effective for people like me who have very sensitive skin.

13 years ago

I live in the Middle East and can get threaded for 1 JD (US $.70). I go every month! It’s also really effective on upper-lip hair.

13 years ago

i think threading is great i do it myself so i dont have to pay anyone it is easyer to do it on other ppl but it is more accurute at removing the hair that u want as waxing removes sometimes to much hair and with tweezes it just takes way to long