Flaky, Dry Skin Prevention and Treatment

By Jenni / November 15, 2018

The cold and dry winter months are slowly creeping upon us, and if you're prone to flaky, dry skin, this dry skin prevention and treatment CAN actually help you!

Our skin is the biggest and most sensitive part of our bodies. Considering this, we have to take good care of it during harsh weather conditions as it breaks, flakes and simply looks and feels awful. As you may have noticed, many store-bought moisturizes don't necessarily do the job. Our skin health is much more complex and can't be cheated with chemical filled lotions.

Dry Skin Prevention and Treatment

dry skin

What's inside counts!

What you put inside your body plays the biggest role in anything that has to do with your skin, hair, and nails.. Getting enough water is ideal and straying from sugary processed foods is a must. A glass of hot cocoa won't hurt just try not to fill up on sugar as it causes major dehydration. Remember to make sure you eat all the necessary vegetables and grains and you've just completed your first step to glowing skin.


Keeping the skin hydrated in times like these is essential. Aiming for mostly or all-natural products will give you the best results as you're not slathering on chemically-laden products. Pretty much all the natural moisturizers, such as almond oil and aloe vera, feed your skin with the necessary nutrients you need for soft, hydrated skin.

Shower Etiquette

You might think showering is simply to clean your body, but it also has its own effects on your skin. Cool water helps to tighten skin and warm water helps to open pores. This is good for when you want a deep exfoliation. Exfoliating is required for those of us with dry skin as it scrapes away all the dead, dry skin cells and leaves a fresh outer layer. The warm water leaves space for us to apply our favorite moisturizer and go about our days without the embarrassment  of parched skin.

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Dry Skin Prevention


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