Overnight Remedies

By Aniela / December 5, 2007

When you're strapped for time, the best thing you can do is maximize your time at night with quick, overnight remedies! These remedies will have you waking up with beautiful, moisturized skin so you don't have to waste time in the morning or during the day!

Take a Bath

A bath is ultimate relaxation. Not only does it soothe and relax your muscles, but it relaxes your mind and soul too. Soak up in a hot bath before bedtime and use a little lavender which will calm and relax your mind and body. For super soft skin, use a body scrub.

Renew Your Hands

Your hands are the first part of your body to show signs of aging, and are often neglected. So slather on a good moisturizing night cream not only on your hands, but on your body and face as well.

Wake up Tanned

To minimize your prep-time in the morning, tan at night! Just exfoliate the areas you want tanned, apply a moisturizing lotion all over, and let dry. Once the lotion has dried, apply a good self-tanner, making sure to blend in evenly. Wash your hands afterwards.

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amna sana
16 years ago

the tips were helpful and simple.