10 Beauty Habits You Can Skip

By Aniela / October 28, 2016

As a woman, a lot of our precious time goes into hair, makeup, skin, and nails. Actually, TOO much time if you really think about it! And if there's one thing we're certain of is that time is precious and there's never enough of it! So here are 10 beauty habits you can skip so you can make time for more important things…like Netflix! These 10 beauty habits are honestly just a waste of your time, but they just don't do anything for you. So time to cut off the beauty fat and spend our time a little more wisely!

10 Beauty Habits You Can Skip

#1. Buffing Your Nails

If you buff your nails every time before giving yourself a manicure, you're actually weakening that nail more and more every single time. Your nails have a way of regenerating themselves and keeping themselves healthy! No need to buff your nails! Instead, focus more on filing them (which makes them longer) as well as pushing back your cuticles.

#2. Using Toner

This has been a debatable topic for a long time, but according to dermatologists and skin experts, you don't really need to use a toner! Toners came on the market and became popular when face cleansers weren't pH balanced, leaving an acidic residue on the skin. That's where toners came in. Now though, facial cleansers are all properly balanced, so save your time and money and stop using toner.

#3. Taking Bubble Baths

Obviously a heart wrenching find, but unfortunately, bubble baths actually dry out your skin more than they moisturize it. In fact, bubble bath contains alcohol and drying soap which strips your skin of all its moisture. Instead, opt for milk, honey, or oatmeal for a truly moisturizing and luxurious bath.

#4. Picking Dirt From Under Your Nails

As satisfying as it may be (and necessary sometimes), picking dirt from under your nails can actually cause the skin underneath to get irritated resulting in shorter nails. This can also cause infection. Instead, get a nail brush and dip it in some soap to remove any dirt under the nails. Another great way to do this is to use a clean, disposable mascara wand dipped in alcohol. It gets rid of all the dirt and disinfects too!

#5. Lining Your Eyes Before Curling Your Lashes

If you're lining your eyes and THEN curling your lashes, you're doing it all wrong! If you line your eyes before, all you're gonna end up doing is removing the eyeliner with your curler. So next time you glam up, remember this trick!

#6. Styling Your Hair Every Day

If you're one of those people who blowdry, straighten, and curl every day, it's time to stop! Reserve the styling to only 2-3 days a week (or less if possible!). All the heat and pulling will cause your hair to break, dry, and eventually thin out. Instead, opt for braids or buns during the week, and do your hair on the weekends!

#7. Plucking Your Eyebrows

If you're trying to grow fuller eyebrows, the worst thing you can do is pluck them! We know it can be tempting to tweeze a stray here and there, but you're the only one that notices them! Instead, don't tweeze or pluck for two months, and when your brows are ready see a professional or pluck your own eyebrows.

#8. Using Too Much Moisturizer

If you're a moisturizer freak, you need to stop now! Too much moisturizer, especially on your face, can leave you with very oily skin and a ton of breakouts. Not to mention your wallet won't be liking it either!

#9. Cutting Your Cuticles

I'm sure you've heard about the nightmares that can happen if you cut your cuticles too much. MAJOR infection! Stay away from it at the nail salon, and don't do it at home either! Your cuticles are there for a reason: to protect your nails and skin from infection. Instead, simply push your cuticles back with an orange stick, and only cut if it's a hang cuticle.

#10. Exfoliating Every Day

It doesn't take a genius to know that exfoliating every day can leave your skin in havoc. I know it's tempting to exfoliate daily, especially because of the baby-smooth results, but trust us: you're only harming your skin. Exfoliating every day will strip your skin of healthy oil, dry it out, and leave your with some insane breakouts. Only exfoliate once or twice a week – no more!

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Beauty Habits You Can Skip

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