Some Useful Beauty Tips

By Aniela / September 5, 2008

Everyone needs a few useful beauty tips once in a while and that's why I've compiled a list with some of the best beauty tips available out there. Read them and memorize them, they'll come in handy!

Some Useful Beauty Tips


When applying bronzer, don't just dab on your cheeks and forehead. The trick to a flawless and natural look is to outline your face with the bronzer, and then applying it to your cheeks, nose and forehead. If you don't do that, you'll end up looking like you actually have a mask on!

Get slimmer thighs by playing a visual trick. Apply self-tanner to your thighs and let it dry.  Apply a second coat to your inner and outer thighs (just leave out the front). This will make your thighs look slimmer, I guarantee it! I've tried and it works wonders!

Wetting your eyeshadow brush will make the color more sparkly and mysterious. Dab your eyeshadow brush in a little bit of water, run it thorough the eyeshadow and apply to your lids. The wet shadow look is much sexier, and it's an easy way to transition day makeup to night makeup.

When teasing your hair, make sure your strands are completely straight. It is best to straighten your hair before doing this as to avoid tangling and hair damage.

Leaving conditioner in your hair while you sleep is a good idea. It is deep conditioning at its best and your mane will look fabulous the next day!

Do not use bleach on your teeth every day. Using bleach every single day will strip your teeth of its enamel therefore making them more sensitive, thinner, and with time, transparent! Instead, limit your obsession to 1-2 times a week. It's more than enough!

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15 years ago

[…] anything, but you also can’t believe everything you hear or read. Especially when it comes to beauty, there are a lot of weird do’s and dont’s out there that aren’t always […]

13 years ago

Bleaching your teeth everyday will not strip your teeth of enamel. It will simply make your teeth more sensitive by entering your dentinal tubules. And some people are fortunate enough to never experience sensitivity after bleaching. You can even bleach multiple times a day. I’m a dental hygiene student so I have a lot of learning and clinical experience when pertaining to this subject.