13 of the Hottest Nail Polish Colors For Summer

By Aniela / May 9, 2015

Summer is almost here, so give yourself a nice mani and pedi and rock any one of these 13 vibrant nail color hues! These nail polish colors for summer are so colorful and vibrant, you'll probably want to wear them all year long! Feminine, fun, and flirty, are just a few words that come to mind when we take a look at these polishes. Which one is your favorite? We love the bright fuschia and the pale lavender!

These colors are perfect as they'll work on all nail types and lengths and are also appropriate for any event! For a night out, try the peachy cream as it's classy but playful, while the maya blue is spot on for a pool party! We're also obsessed with the rich camel for a more understated color as well as a surprising summer color!

13 of the Hottest Nail Polish Colors For Summer

#1. Milky Lemon

essie milky lemon chillato


#2. Rich Camel

rich camel


#3. Sage Green

sage green


#4. Sheer Pink Overlay

sheer pink overlay


#5. Apple Red

apple red

#6. Bright Fuschia

bright fuschia


#7. Hot Mandarin

hot mandarin


#8. Iridescent Scales

iridescent scales


#9. Maya Blue

maya blue


#10. Pale Lavender

pale lavender


#11. Pastel Petals

pastel petals


#12. Peachy Cream

peachy cream


#13. Pearlescent Linen

pearlescent linen


Which nail polish color will be your signature summer color? If you enjoyed this post, don't forget to share:)

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