There’s a new nail art trend sweeping the blogosphere and it’s called rose quartz nails. If you haven’t already seen it, you’re in luck because we’ve got some beautiful examples and an easy to follow DIY rose nail quartz tutorial. Rose quartz nails are going to be super hot this summer and when you take a look at these nails, you’ll know exactly why! A touch of class and a touch of whimsy, these magical looking nails will be your go-to nail art for this season.

Rose Quartz Nails DIY

  • Start with clean, buffed, and filed nails.
  • Apply a base coat.
  • Using a striper brush, make cracked-like lines with a light pink polish.
  • Now go ahead and do the same thing with a white polish.
  • Draw the cracks diagonally from left to right and form a small crack at the end of the larger line. This will give it that realistic marble look.
  • Clean that same striper brush in acetone and leave it moist enough so that it has a bead or two of acetone on it.
  • Go ahead and brush the striper brush over the newly formed lines. This will thin them out a bit as well as blur them out for that quartz effect.
  • Apply a very light, almost sheer pink polish.
  • After it has dried, apply another coat of the sheer pink polish.
  • Finish off with your favorite top coat and you should see something like this (see below).

Rose Quartz Nail Art Ideas


rose quartz nails

Source: Reddit


rose quartz nails 2

Source: Tumblr


rose quartz nails 3

Source: Popsugar


rose quartz nails 4

Source: Cosmopolitan


rose quartz nails 5

Source: Popbuzz


rose quartz nails 6

Source: Pinterest

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