Every once in a while, I fall in love with a designer that captures my heart like no other. This time, Mr. David Jones has managed to capture my heart with his new handbag collection. It is absolutely breathtaking and of course I couldn’t wait to snag one for myself asap!

David Jones Bags

David Jones bags are absolute must-haves!

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And I did! A couple of days ago I set out on a journey to find that perfect David Jones handbag. Stumbling upon Sears (Ok I know what you’re thinking), but I’m telling you they have the best selection of handbags you can think of, no joke. I don’t know about the Sears in the States, but the big ones in Canada actually have quite the impressive bag collection and of course my David Jones handbag was sitting there…waiting for me!

David Jones Bags

I decided to go with something summery, and since I have bags in every color imaginable, I realized I did not have an orange handbag, which is what my eye caught on one of the David Jones shelves. A perfect sized log handbag in orange leather and with metal ring detail on the handle and sides. Thankfully, it also had a million compartments: 2 on the side for your phone, and three in the middle (a bit too much for me, but I can get around that!).

I was trying to find some sort of site or store for David Jones and actually found out that David Jones is the oldest department store in the world that has kept its original name. Hmm…and I thought it was a designer! Nevertheless, I still love the bags no matter what! Oh and by the way as you can probably see, I could not find the David Jones bag that I bought anywhere online…I am very disappointed!! But I will keep looking and post it when I find it or I’ll just end up taking a picture of mine!

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