David Jones Bags

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Every once in a while, I fall in love with a designer that captures my heart like no other. This time, Mr. David Jones has managed to capture my heart with his new handbag collection. It is absolutely breathtaking and of course I couldn’t wait to snag one for myself asap!

David Jones Bags


David Jones bags are absolute must-haves!

And I did! A couple of days ago I set out on a journey to find that perfect David Jones handbag. Stumbling upon Sears (Ok I know what you’re thinking), but I’m telling you they have the best selection of handbags you can think of, no joke. I don’t know about the Sears in the States, but the big ones in Canada actually have quite the impressive bag collection and of course my David Jones handbag was sitting there…waiting for me!

David Jones Bags

I decided to go with something summery, and since I have bags in every color imaginable, I realized I did not have an orange handbag, which is what my eye caught on one of the David Jones shelves. A perfect sized log handbag in orange leather and with metal ring detail on the handle and sides. Thankfully, it also had a million compartments: 2 on the side for your phone, and three in the middle (a bit too much for me, but I can get around that!).

I was trying to find some sort of site or store for David Jones and actually found out that David Jones is the oldest department store in the world that has kept its original name. Hmm…and I thought it was a designer! Nevertheless, I still love the bags no matter what! Oh and by the way as you can probably see, I could not find the David Jones bag that I bought anywhere online…I am very disappointed!! But I will keep looking and post it when I find it or I’ll just end up taking a picture of mine!

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70 thoughts on “David Jones Bags

  1. Melanie

    OMG! I too found the perfect handbag — a cognac-colored satchel with two pockets in front– just last Friday. Little did I know that the designer, David Jones, was the name of my fiancee!!! Was it meant to be or what? The store I found the purse in (Porters, Royal Bank Plaza, downtown Toronto) only had one other David Jones handbag and I’ve been on the hunt ever since. Thanks for the tip!! I guess I have a reason to frequent Sears now.

  2. issa_manila

    i just bought a newly dj black bag…im assuming that they call it bobo bag…i really love it specially the strap…snatchers won’t easliy steal it from you…hehehe

  3. Christian

    I love all my David Jones bags!!! My only problem is that I can only find them in Paris. Oh the search continues….

  4. Laura

    I sell David Jones bags if you’re interested – I’m starting up a business and found this designers purses in the Atlanta Mart. You’re right – they are the coolest purses. I have pictures if you’re interested.

  5. Dave

    I also bought the David Jones Handbags at the Atlanta Mart. I’m so excited! They will be in my store the middle of May 09.

  6. Leni

    Hello Christian,

    Where did u buy the david jones bag in Paris? thanks a lot for you information

  7. Jo

    I bought a David Jones purse while I was in Europe, at a boutique in either Germany or Switzerland. I haven’t been able to find one like it on the net anywhere I’ve searched. I’d love to get one for my mom who loves mine, but it seems impossible….so sad!!! I wish so badly I would’ve bought her one while I was in Europe.

  8. Margret

    I just bought a beautiful yellow David Jones purse at Winners on the west coast of Canada.
    It was just what I was looking for. A fun spring/summer color with lots of compartments.
    I’m sure that there are other David Jones bags at Winners. Also price was very reasonable.

  9. Tammy

    I wasn’t aware of this brand until today. Just got a beige/off-white bag from Winners (Spadina & King) for $50 plus tax. I’m not sure what’s the proper name for the shape of my new bag is but it’s of a soft light material. Very nice design for work days and weekend. I will definitely consider other DJ bag designs in the future.

  10. chara lee

    i love the david jones bag,,i have one.. my mom bought me .. i thought its just a cheap bag but i found out its not ^^

  11. Sama

    i love david jones. i have a yellow tassled bag by them, and i treasure it very much. 🙂 i’d love another.

  12. lady tinsley

    I have just bought a david jones bag in chrissies in Oswestry Shropshire – 01691 656656 they have several designs and some are in the sale!

  13. margaret

    i just baughy a bag from a charity shop for £3.99..i loved it,so went on the web to see if i could find anymore,i had never heard of the name before,,it was david jones,,its brand new,its crazy wot some people get rid of lol

  14. Alice

    I got my bag in Madrid! very reasonable price and I love it, its just the right size!

  15. Stef

    I boughttwo DJ bags in Madrid (Nov 2008). I am constantly being complimented on them. The one I carry everyday is a cross over body (travel) bag. It is mostly black fabric with the front having a leather panel, it’s like a pocket with a snap closure as well as a side zipper compartment. There is a zippered compartment on the back also. It is not a very large bag, maybe 9in X 12in. It has a very durable adjustable fabric strap too. If I could find it again, I’d purchase two of them. I don’t understand why I can’t find a david jones handbags website, especially since they have the stand-alone handbag stores.

  16. Carmen

    Hi there girls; David Jones handbags are the best ones indeed! I own a boutique in Mexico City, just right there at the downtown, so Im selling a lot of this gorgeous bags. Whenever you’re in Mexico, feel free to visit my place in order to take a look of several designs.

  17. Poland

    How did you know the DJ is original? what website can order?

  18. Mercedes

    Hi there girls; David Jones handbags are the best ones indeed! I own a boutique in Mexico City, just right there at the downtown, so Im selling a lot of this gorgeous bags. Whenever you’re in Mexico, feel free to visit my place in order to take a look of several designs.

  19. Rain

    I just bought one last night – i found it at winners – this bag is crazy – I love it!

  20. Dorothy

    i bought a David Jones bag from Browns in Helmsley North Yorks and I just luuuurve it !

  21. Ruth

    Sears does have a great selection, but I find they are priced well above other stores…such as Winners (who sell David Jones). Winners do tend to have one or two only of each purse (so you need to shop frequently) but I bought a purse there for $39.99 which was also at Sears for $65.00 – that’s a big difference. I find Winners has a fantastic selection for really good prices.

  22. Patti Prendergast

    They sell David Jones handbags at a boutique called Connie B’s in Norwalk CT. I just bought one and it is great! I paid $54 for it.

  23. bethany

    Winners has DJ bags. you really have to search but they are there

  24. aboody

    i bought it yesterday from a boutique in Markham city it is really nice it is the firstt time i bought but not the last
    I think!!!!

  25. Realeboga

    I’m currently in Pretoria, South Africa. I discovered the David Jones handbag range a while ago at a handbag store and I instantly fell in love with them. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a magnificent collection so far, there are many beautiful ones, but this one I just adore. I love the designs, colours and the great quality. I bought myself one today and I’m content. This is great stuff I tell you. I sure will keep on buying.

  26. norma

    carmen i want to visit your place in mexico city downtown asap, i need the address!!!!!

  27. Noxie

    Realeboga can you tell me which store in pretoria did you buy the David Jones bag and how much did it cost you, I also want to own one.

  28. BINGA

    where in SA Pretoria or Johannesburg can one get DJ bags? PLs

  29. raychy

    Mr DavidJones

    How can one become a distributor of ur amazing bags in nigeria?

  30. victoria

    Where can I get a david jones hand bag in south africa pretoria or johannesburg?

  31. Velile Sibada

    Where can I get a factory shop of David Jones Handbag in Johannesburg.

  32. Nephawe Mashudu Violet

    Hey good morning somebody. I am in South Africa and I would like to sell them around here. How do i go about getting your products. Do you have a branch in South Africa? If you have one please give me their details.


  33. Tammy

    I have just come back from Croatia and bought a David Jones Handbag which is absolutely gorgeous! I live in Cape Town South Africa and would like to find out if there is a store in SA that sells these beautiful handbags.

  34. Kgomotso

    I’d also like to know where in Pretoria can I get the David Jones hand bags.

  35. DHS

    I am so excited to announce that DHS will be stock David Jones bags from the 01 August 2011. We will be the agent for the Western Cape, South Africa. So, if you looking for DJ handbags, send us an email and we will send you a catalogue of the range and prices. We could also airfreight to cities outside of Cape Town.

  36. moyo njabuliso angela

    how can i be a david jones distributor in joburb?

  37. Aniela Post author

    I’m sorry, I really cannot speak for David Jones or their distribution. I just love their bags and know that they can be a little tricky to find.

    Good luck!

  38. pam

    i am also looking for david jones handbag but so far no luck,i am arround jhb, can omebody help

  39. Yooyo

    Hi Ladies,

    I am the reseller of David Jones bags in JHB, Kempton Park.

    Send me an e-mail for prices and catalogue.


  40. hellen

    DHS an interested in DJ handbags please send me your email or the catalogue am in johannesburg but i visit capetown often

  41. maazana

    hi all

    my name is Maazana, i do sell David Jones Handbags in johannesburg and pretoria, you can check facebook David Jones handbags or email me maazana@gmail.com

  42. lebo

    where can i find David Jones bags factory shop or become a distributor of your products

  43. lebo

    where ca i find your factory shop of your david jones bags or how do i become a distributor of your good products i am in the city of johannesburg in south africa

  44. Jane

    I loveeeeeee david jones bags..i get realy exicted when i see one…they are classic, chic and perfect for any occasion.

  45. Zamora Cuambe

    Good afternoon,

    Can anyone help me with information of where I can get David Jones hand bags in South Africa. I reside in Johannesburg but can go anywhere in South Africa to buy them. Also if there is a factory shop, that would be perfect.

  46. lesh

    i am really into fashionable things…i was carried away last when i got into some shop and found your bags, ma clients really love tnem.. wanna go big on them! plis advice! where do i find the distributor shop in Joburg?

  47. Lindi

    I am supplying David Jones in Pretoria/Johannesburg/KZN/Easter Cape/Western Cape very reasonable prices. Drop me an email, lets talk.


  48. Lindi

    I am supplying David Jones in Pretoria/Johannesburg/KZN/Easter Cape/Western Cape very reasonable prices. Drop me an email, lets talk. My email address is Lindiwe.Tindleni@gmail.com.


  49. mmabatho

    im currently residing in johannesburg and i do sell the exciting and glamour DAVID JONES DESIGNED HANDBAGS; should u want to place an order u can email me to: mmabatho.rachidi@yahoo.com
    U can find me in pretoria, johanesburg randburg and limpopo: polokwane and lebowakgomo

  50. shiela norma ndlovu

    l want to order david jones hand bag caterlogue how do go about the process andhow much is the caterlogue

  51. shiela norma ndlovu

    l rea like the brand of the designer i have met my choice they are very good and strong

  52. Kgabo

    Can anyone help me with information of where I can get David Jones hand bags in South Africa. I reside in Johannesburg but can go anywhere in South Africa to buy them.

  53. Soso

    ladies please help where can i find David Jones Handbags in South Africa im in the Eastern Cape want to Distribute, ma email adress is mqambelin@yahoo.com

  54. Yolanda

    I like the brand where can i find a place that sells David Jones in South Africa

  55. 'Mabaholo Lesenyeho

    I reside in Lesotho and I would like to know if there is any shop selling David Jones shoes and bags in Johannesburg or in any closer province in South Africa ie Free State. Please give me the name of the shop and the physical address.

    I would also like to receive your on line catalogue and prices if its posible. I really like the Davic Jones shoes and bags but I do not know where to find them.

    I would highly appreciate your speedy response.

    Yours faithfully

    ‘Mabaholo Lesenyeho

  56. Aniela Post author

    I’m sorry, but I don’t distribute David Jones bags, I’m just a fan:)

    Hope you do find some more info though, I know a ton of people are asking about this.

  57. Pasi

    Good day guys, i’d love to become a distributor too…i reside in pretoria.Please mail me if you know where i can find them,mapasekap@webmail.co.za

  58. kash

    Hi I’m seriously urgently looking for david jones wholesale prices in cape town and where can I get them asap please!!!I know where to get them in jhb I ofyen buy and bring to cape town but to make easier at good price pls help someone tell me where I can get them in cape town???
    In johannesburg But please help someone where do I get david jones. In cape town please please help urgently thanx

  59. Magauta Harijane

    I would like to sell these bag where in South Africa can I get them?

  60. Lunga

    where can i find David Jones bags factory shops in Durban or JHB or become a distributor of your products

  61. Monica Lesufi

    Where can I buy these David Jones hand bags here in South Africa

  62. willy

    where can I find David jones hand bags in Namibia? please help me

  63. Erika Pérez

    Where can I find David JOnes hand bags here in Mexico?? please, help me!!!

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