Skin Care During Winter

By Aniela / December 16, 2008

Today we'll talk about skin care during winter! During the winter, your skin needs a lot more attention than usual. Things such as cold winds, harsh chemicals and of course the change in temperature will all have a dire effect on your sensitive skin. But there are ways you can take better care of your skin when the cold weather hits. Read on to see how you can winterize your skin and have a beautiful glow all winter long.

Skin Care During Winter

Take Short Showersshower

By shortening your bath/showers you not only conserve tons of water but in the winter it is much better for your skin. So instead of lingering on for hours in there, just take a quick  4-5 minute shower using lukewarm water and stay away from the hot water – it will only dry out your skin.

Moisturizemoisturizing your skin

After you've showered, there is a crucial 2 minute window that you have to slather on some moisturizer. So make sure you hurry and apply a thick cream to your skin, rather than a lotion which may not be up to par in the winter months.

Use a Jarla mer body cream

Moisturizers and creams that are contained in jars are much better than those that are contained in pumps. Here's why: pump and pour bottle has a higher water content and PH base that can dry out skin.


It's completely pointless to moisturize unless you exfoliate because you're not getting rid of all the dead skin cells. So while you're in the shower make sure you exfoliate using slow, massaging circular motions.

Use a Winter Tonercotton pad

Put away your regular toner for the summer and switch to a milder version for the winter. Since the temperatures drop, your skin will dry out faster than usual so you'll need a good toner to keep that at bay while also getting rid of impurities.

Use Rich Productsrich cream

Unless you're prone to breakouts or have oily skin, take out your good, rich products. Any light creams should be put away. Instead, take out the super hydrating ones since they'll work best during the winter time.

Don't Forget About Sunscreenapplying sunscreen

Even though summer is far away, you should never forget about your sunscreen since the sun still shines. Since the snow reflects sunlight, the ultraviolet rays of the sun during the winter are just as intense


Like every girl you should know that chapstick is a key product to have during the winter because it keeps your lips hydrated. Without chapstick, you know very well what happens!

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