Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles You Can Copy

By Aniela / March 27, 2017

With prom right around the corner, it's time to think about some prom hairstyles! Will it be an up-do, a braid, or something classy and simple? The choice is all yours, but we're here to give you some ideas and inspiration with these gorgeous prom hairstyle ideas! Whether you have short hair, long hair, curly hair, or stick straight hair, there's a prom hairstyle for everyone! Once you've found the hairstyle you want, take that picture to your local stylist and get them to replicate it! With any of these prom hairstyles, you'll be the belle of your ball!

Prom Hairstyles

#1. Braided Prom Updo

prom braid updo

#2. Accessory Prom UpDo

prom updo with accessory

#3. UpDo Prom Hairstyle

prom hairstyle

#4. Classy Prom UpDo

classy prom updo

#5. Prom Flowers Hairstyle

prom flowers hairstyle

#6. Messy Top Bun

prom messy top bun

#7. Classy Top Bun

prom top bun

#8. Braided Bun Hairstyle

prom bun hairstyle

#9. Braided, Messy Prom Bun

prom bun with braids

#10. Low Braided Bun

prom low bun

#11. Prom Bun With Accessory

prom bun with accessory

#12. Messy UpDo

prom messy updo

#13. Prom Chignon

prom chignon

#14. Simple and Messy UpDo

prom updo

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Images Source: LoveHairstyles

prom hairstyles

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