23 Super Adorable Easter Nail Ideas

By Aniela / April 3, 2017

Even if you don't celebrate Easter, these super adorable Easter nail ideas will put you in the spring mood right away! Spring is a time of renewal, and that means beautiful, bright colors that you'll want to sink your teeth into! These spring colors will put anyone in a great mood, especially your nails! When taking inspiration from these Easter nail ideas, bring out your best and most vibrant nail polish colors! Think pinks, blues, greens, purples, and whites! Pastel colors also work very well for spring and Easter, so don't be afraid to experiment.

These spring nail ideas are adorable and most of them are super easy to replicate. They'll work on all nail lengths and styles, but if you find yourself stuck, just take your favorite design to your local nail salon and they'll happily replicate the look for you!

Easter Nail Ideas

#1. Anime Bunny Nails

animated bunny nails

#2. Short Purple Bunny Nails

short purple bunny nails

#3. Spring Peeps Nails

peeps nails

#4. Grassy Bunny Nails

grassy bunny nails

#5. Vibrant Bunny Nails

vibrant bunny nails

#6. Carrot Bunny Nails

carrot bunny nails

#7. Bunny Tips Nails

bunny tips nails

#8. Glittery Bunny Nails

glittery bunny nails

#9. Bunny Nail Design

bunny nail design

#10. Pink and Matte Black Bunny Nails

pink and matte black bunny nails

#11. Pastel Bunny Nails

pastel bunny nails

#12. Adorable Bunny Nails

adorable bunny nails

#13. Pink and Red Bunny Nails

pink and red bunny nails

#14. White and Pink Bunny Nails

white and pink bunny nails

#15. Purple Polka Dots Bunny Nails

purple polka dot bunny nails

#16. Galaxy Bunny Nails

galaxy bunny nails

#17. Easter Egg Nails

easter egg nails

#18. Spring Bunny Nails

spring bunny nails

#19. Colorful Bunny Nails

colorful bunny nails

#20. Purple and Blue Bunny Nails

purple and blue bunny nails

#21. Pink Bunny Nails With Polka Dots

pink bunny nails with polka dots

#22. Pink Glitter Bunny Nails

pink glitter bunny nails

#23. Pink and Blue Polka Dot Bunny Nails

pink and blue bunny nails

Images Source: PrettyDesigns

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