5 Korean Skin Care Secrets

By Aniela / November 2, 2016

Korean women are known to have some of the most beautiful skin in the world and it's no coincidence! Korean women are taught from an early age that taking scare of their skin is very important, and they're also taught HOW to take care of their skin. In this day and age though, Korean women have become even more obsessed with skin care so much so, that they're producing some of the most ingenious and best skin care products in the beauty world. It's no wonder then that we can learn a thing or two from them! So here are 5 Korean skin care secrets that every girl should know!

5 Korean Skin Care Tips

#1. Double Wash


A respecting Korean woman wouldn't dare go to bed without first removing all of her makeup! As part of their routine, Korean women first wash their faces with an oil-based cleanser to remove all of the makeup, dirt, and grime. Then, they'll wash their faces again with a mild foaming cleanser to ensure that every single bit of makeup and dirt is removed.

#2. Massage


While cleansing their faces, Korean women believe it's of the utmost importance to also massage their faces. This boosts blood circulation, prevents premature wrinkles, and keeps the skin looking young. While cleansing your face, make a fist and with the knuckles of the first two fingers, massage the area underneath your cheekbones. Then work your way up to the sides of your nose and then to the forehead. Lastly, use your fingertips to gentle massage the area underneath your eyes. Do this every night before bed to reduce puffiness, get the blood flowing, and prevent premature aging.

#3. Essences


Essences are a HUGE thing in Korea, and in fact, were invented there. In a nuthsell, essences are like serums on steroids. They are packed with high concentrations of active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and snail mucin. These essences hydrate like nothing else, firm, and revitalize the skin.

#4. Sheet Masks


It's no secret that Korean women are obsessed with sheet masks (as are we!). The reason they're so popular is because they actually work. All you have to do is stick it on, wait 15-20 minutes, and remove it. Your skin will feel tighter, softer, and super hydrated. I swear it's like you just got a professional facial!

#5. Sunscreen


Korean women never, ever step out of the house without a good sunscreen, whether it's rain or shine! Choose a lightweight formula with a high SPF to keep premature wrinkles, dark spots, and melanoma at bay.

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