Homemade Facial Mask for Dry Skin

By Aniela / October 2, 2009

This homemade facial mask for dry skin will cure even the most parched complexions! Why spend a ton of money on products when you can do the same things at home for much less? Here's one of my favorite recipes for when my skin feels parched, which is usually around this time (when the cold weather starts to kick in!).

Homemade Facial Mask for Dry Skin

Avocado face mask for dry skin








Here's What You'll Need:

2 oz/60g ripe avocado flesh
one oz/25g orange juice
1 tsp/5g pure acacia honey
1 tsp/5g molasses
5 drops chamomile essential oil


Start by mixing all the ingredients in a blender. You can also mash them in a bowl if you fish. If you see that the consistency is too thick, add a little  bit of orange juice. Apply to your face and neck using your fingers and leave on for 30-40 minutes. Once time is up, gently remove the mask using lukewarm water or a warm washcloth.

This homemade facial mask is great for dry skin because it cleanses the skin but moisturizes it at the same time, leaving your face feeling nice and soft. If you don't use the entire mixture, you can store it in the fridge for about a day or two.

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