Amanda Seyfried: Yay or Nay?

Blonde bombshell actress Amanda Seyfried has been quickly climbing to the top of the Hollywood A-list club, and she is now starring in the uber-sexy movie Chloe alongside Julianne Moore.

Amanda is seen here at the premiere of the movie wearing a one-shoulder turquoise Rouland Mouret draped dress. So what do you guys think of her outfit?

First off, Amanda is a very pretty girl and I think this outfit makes her look a lot older than she actually is. Although the turquoise looks great on her and the dress is just stunning, I don’t think this style suits her much…maybe I would have liked to see her with her hair down or something.

Either way, she looks good as always, but next time maybe she should just stick to something a little more youthful. In all, I give this look a 6/10! What do you guys think?

9 thoughts on “Amanda Seyfried: Yay or Nay?

  1. Briana Scott

    That would be a complete and utter NAY!! The color is absolutely fabulous for her skin tone, and really makes her pretty blonde hair shine…BUT, the right shoulder is really UGLY. It may be harsh but it’s very true. The crossed part from the mid-section to the bottom of the dress is very appropriate yet current for her age but, the right shoulder looks very terrible and it makes a great and simple mini-dress look absolutely horrendous! That’s the bri-view;)

  2. Moriah

    5/10 She should go with a more natural look. I’ve been told I look like her when she’s in Dear John, haha but my hair is darker.

  3. Em!

    ehhhh NO!!!!

  4. fashion tredner


    I loooooooove that colour but it look EWWWWWWWWW on her! it discusts me!!!

  5. x-gurl

    She’s like a goddess… I think she’ll look better with her hair down and another cut for th dress .. The color is amazing tho 5/10

  6. Chloe

    Amanda Seyfried’s off-the-shoulder dress is a bit too old-fashioned, classic, and frankly, boring apparel choice for her age and for the genre and plot of the the movie’s premiere that she stars in (which, coincidentally, is titled ‘CHLOE’, which is my name). The movie CHLOE is affairs, sex, seduction, betrayal, secrets, love, and lies, and Amanda’s outfit shown above does not reflect what her movie is all about. I’m a bit surprised. I would’ve found it more fitting and flattering if she had left her hair down. However, I still say, “yay”. 🙂

  7. Chloe

    The right shoulder is horribly flappy and out of place. The dress would look so much better if the right shoulder detail was removed and the fabric brought in more near the top of the waistband, so that her form looks slightly better.

  8. Aly

    Personally, I like it on her. Especially the color, with her skin tone. I just don’t so much like the bottom of the dress.

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