How to Wear Jeggings

With the return of super skinny jeans and leggings this past couple of years, it’s no wonder the jeggings were invented. Jeggings are basically extremely skinny jeans that look like leggings and are also worn like leggings. So here is how to wear jeggings successfully!

How to Wear Jeggings

I have to say that in the beginning I was not a fan of the skinny jean or the legging, but as time went on, I came to embrace both, and now, it seems like I can’t even wear any other types of jeans but skinny. The problem with these slim types of bottoms is that they’re hard to dress. And jeggings especially, can be a little tricky.

A Few Thumb Rules

First off, make sure jeggings suit your body type. If you don’t feel comfortable in them, don’t wear them – no one’s going to shun you for it!! Second, pick a dark pair that will go with everything from a basic tank to a sweater dress. Also, black slims you down so that’s always a plus. If you’re on the short side, you may want to get a petite pair as a regular pair of jeggings might run a little too long, and there’s nothing worse than 2 feet of bunched up jeans at the bottom.

So What Exactly Can You Wear Jeggings With?

How to Wear Jeggings

Jeggings are actually quite versatile, and I feel they do a better job than skinny jeans or leggings would. Because they’re still denim material, you don’t have to cover your butt, but they’re so slim and skin-tight like leggings that you can wear a long sweater or tee, a dress, or just throw a long cardigan over.

I love wearing leggings with a pair of chunky heels, a long sweater and a scarf. Add a big tote to that, and you’re set for the day. So if you’re heading to the mall this week, make sure to pick up a pair of jeggings: it’s all you’ll need!

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  • FeFe

    Jeggings are one of the hottest items this summer!! also carries the cutest leggings for children.

  • sexytchr

    I like them, but disagree with this article on one way to wear them: you should cover your butt when wearing jeggings… and please note that they should not be worn to work if you work in a professional environment!

  • Catherine P

    Gymboree is now carrying these for children this year for back to school as well! πŸ™‚

  • Marissa

    Culd yu post a few articles for like teens and stuff. I’m 13 and have been looking for articles about teen-looking clothes that are un-pricey cuz i’v already started school clothes shopping. Also, have yu ever seen Wizards of Waverly Place? I LOVE how alex dresses yu think yu culd give me tips on how to sorta mimic it, without trying too hard and without it being obviouse that i’m copying it β€’_β€’

  • Diane

    I adore them! I always try to make sure my butt is covered, or mostly covered though, since they are still leggings.
    They are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn though!

  • Nacy

    Jeggings do NOT work with my super-wide butt and thicker-than-thick thighs yet skinny jeans look great!! UGH and i really liked them before i tried them on at least :^(

  • chrissy

    Sooooo luv’em they’re beyond comfortable & super sexy!

  • snark

    Can you say, “Cameltoe?”

  • Marly

    Yes ladies, please make sure your butt is covered when you wear jeggings. There’s nothing worse than seeing a huge butt that’s squeezed into a skin tight pair of pants that produces circulation issues and cameltoe. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT. Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you have to wear it.

  • Ccabek

    If u have a skinny butt legs and thighs. I suppose you could wear them without covering the hip area. I have yet to see that look good. It looks like a bad unitard. I think a nice mid thigh length tunic paired with them looks so much classier and even haeavier thighs and butts can look good. Have seen actresses on tv wearing them with short topsand all it does s accentuate the worst parts of bodies. And these women have to be skinny still looks awful.

  • Ccabek

    Sorry for spelling mistakes. Not used to typing on phone key board.

  • petite carousel

    hmm… I’m still trying to find one pair that does not look ratty and won’t give me cameltoe πŸ™

    Oh, perfect pair of jeggings, where art thou???

  • Jess

    you can get really good ones in Exhibit & New look:)

  • Emma

    will a hoodie look good with a pair of jeggings? can some one PLEASE answer this, i’m not sure if it will. I don’t want to wear it and look totally stupid!!! πŸ™‚ thanx

  • Chloe

    this is all silly, you can wear jeggings with a shorter top, i do it all the time and i think t makes my bum look really toned..

  • acacia

    okay, so jeggings are the most gorgeous things ever, just bought a pair yesterday and i adore them. your butt does NOT have to be covered, thats where the denim look comes in handy. because some jeggings have pockets and a zipper and everything theyre identical to skinny jeans while being legging-like in terms of stretchiness.

    theyre suuuper comfy and are now officially, my favourite bottoms to wear with a baggy t-shirt or a baggy, comfy sweater

  • Stephanie

    I’ve always had issues with skinny jeans. I’m blessed with a curvy but slim body, but my ankles are fairly narrow so the proportions are totally thrown off, and it makes the rest of my body look big (IMO), kinda like the girl in the girl in the middle picture of the article (excepttt my ankles are smaller). So, I don’t think jeggings will solve my problem.

    However, my FAVORITE pair of jeans is about to give way. They were circa 2003 (yeah i know right?) and are stretchy, bootcut. Do they make any varieties of jeggings that aren’t so small in the ankle, like a straight or bootcut? If they do, it would make my dreams come true.


  • Steph

    Hi Girls

    Just got my 1st pair of jeggings, and I am having an issue with the shoes. I’m 4’11 and I’m thin, I can actually wear my neice’s jeans in a 14/16 kids, so if you have curves, SHOW THEM OFF! I would KILL to have some curves…I have always been thin, and with the illness it doesnt help, but I’d love to at least have some hips and a booty! LOL

    I live in NY (and I’m always cold), so flats wont work, I have MS, so heels wont work as my gait is already messed up. I have some old boots in good condition,kinda knee high(2 pair of those lace up furry ones I believe from last season, not much of a fashionista),as well as a plain pair of sneakers and my FAV pair of shoes are my black Sketchers, which are kinda like a work boot but in the form of a sneaker..but they are REALLY old and beat up but I love them! Getting new shoes could be an idea, but I’m on disability and would have to get something cheap, like the skateboard sneaks, maybe from Payless.
    Any tips would be GREAT! Thanks girls!


  • Judy

    aww, steph. sweetheart. furry boots were more like six seasons ago (trendy in 2003/04, not so much now). i would consider a pair of leather lace-up boots with maybe even a slight heel, 1″-2″, or completely flat if it’s more comfortable and easier to walk in. or even just a plain pair of ankle boots, definitely try payless. try on a few pairs, they usually have several different styles there.

    anyway – i’m short, thin and petite but i have curves (blessed with a good hip to waist ratio) and i’m one of the few lucky ones that can wear jeggings without covering my bottom. i got my first pair a few months ago and i love them, so comfortable. i would NEVER go to class in sweatpants (i hate when people do, actually) so jeggings are great for 8am classes when i’m still sleepy enough to crave extreme comfort.

    however, ladies – if you’re larger than like, a size 4, PLEASE make sure you don’t have any unsightly bulges/muffin top/camel toe. the larger you are, the less likely it is you’ll be able to pull a pair of these off without it looking unsightly and inappropriate.

  • Mari

    Jeggings work really well with tunics. I am short with athletic legs and wear them with heels only. My tunics are not loose but slim fitting. I don’t want to emphasize my hips or make myself look shapeless with a billowy tunic. Old Navy makes inexpensive ones and I’ve found them to be of nice quality.

  • Ash01

    I got black jeggins with sparkles on the bum and it really shows off my curves. If you wear them with ugs they look great. Also, wearing a tighterr shirt, such as abercrombie or aeropostale, helps to match with the tighter jeggings.

  • Casey

    Bought some today. I like them. Shows off curves well. I have black vans in woman’s and they look super cute with the pants. Sort of a skater retro look.

  • Jennifer

    Judy, I disagree. The size of the jegging is not necessarily the issue. I just got a really great pair of them at jcrew in a size 10. I’m definetly not tall, but I have an athletic and curvy body from years of playing field hockey and swimming as well. I think the jeggings look pretty good on me, so the issue is not the size-it’s the wearer’s confidence level and her body shape. To repeat what has already been said, if you don’t feel comfortable in them opt for another type of pant. You can also consider consulting a friend whom you can trust to be very honest. Just remember this: if you feel uncomfortable in them or you look uncomfortable trying them on don’t buy ’em!

  • MiMi

    I just got this pair of jeggings and they are so cute and comfy. You don’t have to cover your butt because they look like jeans. If they are squeezing you to death to where you can see cinching and fat rolling over the sides, get a bigger pair. They actually hug your butt meaning to make it curvier and looking more toned. That don’t sag as much as regar skinny jeans either, I always had that problem:P
    My jeggings are really comfy and they have a zipper on each back pocket and they are freaking adorable! I can’t wait till I can wear them to school.
    Jeggings actually do look cute with uggs, butt uggs aren’t cute themselves. They look good with flats and heels; anything you don’t have excess bunching up of Jean material at the end. They also go good with bigger or flower tops because you can still somewhat see the shape of your body. They are really popular, even this winter you see A LOT of teens wearing them with different outfits. I love my new jeggings;)

  • Nancy

    This is not professional/corporate work attire, people. Rethink that decision before you wear these to the office!!! No matter how great you think your butt looks. The rest of the world thinks you look like you forgot the skirt or are on your way to a yoga class.

  • acacia

    yeah because we should all care about what you think.

  • Kaitlyn

    Ok first of all…… I <3 my jeggings I bought 4 pairs. I like the way they stretch and the texture. I am a plus size girl, in juniors I wear 9,11,and 13's ( I don't wear 13's that much) and 10's in women's, and have a very big and round butt and big thighs, but these jeggings make my butt and legs look sooo nice and skinny and i am being super serious!!!! I got a black pair and 3 dark denim ones i have a tiny muffin top but look nice and lean. I have no idea what type of shoes or tops to wear????
    Also forever21,jcpenny's, and debs have very affordable and cute jeggings.


  • vanessa

    i like the colthes but i am 10 can u put like something up for kids it will like be so cool for my friends and me to give us tips to how to dress for next year we all be in middle school next year so if you get i will be so happy thanks plz write back

  • Kate

    Jeggings do NOT have to cover your butt. I wear mine to school all the time with a hoodie, or a t-shirt. Abercrombie has the best jeggings. They have pockets and a zipper, they look identical to skinny jeans. I’ve gotten tons of complements on them. They’re the best!

  • linda

    Okay, first of all: jeggings look so stupid on anyone who wears them. Second: the girl who said they look CLASSY WITH SHORT TOPS has no idea what true class is. Wearing extremely tight pants is not classy, its trashy, and makes you look ghetto. Third: why don’t you ladies try wearing some fitted dresses, or nice a-line skirts? What’s wrong with being different? More men will respect you wearing a dress than a pair of “sexy” jeggings. That’s why I have a respectable man.

  • Super-girl

    Since when is camel-toe the hot thing? I’m all for being proud of the vagina, but if guys were wearing jeggings it would be disturbing. Put it away. Jeggings are ridiculous. Of course, you’ll only see this in about a decade.

  • I just discovered jeggings in the past few weeks, and I’m absolutely crazy about them – they make my 47-year old butt look amazing, and they are SO comfortable! I just wish I could find some that have a higher rise, because I have to wear a long shirt or jacket with them to prevent the dreaded thong-flash and/or muffin top spillover (I am so over this stupid ‘super low rise’ trend – please, let’s have a zipper that’s at least 3″ in length, shall we?)

  • KD

    Honestly, I have mixed feelings about them, after seeing Conan O’Brien wear them, yikes! I’m sure they’ll be a hit with the Emo crowd since they’re tight and come in black. They do look nice with long shirts and sweaters anyway πŸ™‚

  • Udo4Accept

    sure they look great on, but how easy are they to get OFF!! (if you know what i mean)

  • Jay

    I was hating on jeggings at first too, but that was until I wore them. They’re a lot more comfortable and practical than typical skinny jeans which is part of the reason why they have become so popular. I ordered two pairs, one in black and one in grey from because they had real back pockets.

    I agree that you don’t have to cover your butt if you wear them, but alot of the tops that look best with jeggings are longer. Kim Kardashian wore jeggings with tall boots and a blazer that stopped at her waist. It looked fine that way as well.

  • Geni

    First i’d like to say thanks to everyone with all the tips/positivity! πŸ™‚ Then, Linda, calm down. It’s so lame for you to go bashing all these people talking about how they like jeggings. Nobody asked for your crap. Shoe wise, flats, boots and what else works?? :))) Thanks guys,


  • acacia

    linda, you’re “respectable” man must be quite the man to put up with you. and having respect and class isn’t saying tight pants are “ghetto” and calling the way other people look that you don’t even know trashy. your man may be respectable, but i can’t say the same for you.

  • Miss Bliss

    I think leggings AND jeggings are fine for professional atmospheres. Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable work wear. Bless + embrace your leggings/jeggings (jeg’s for casual Fridays only!) and flaunt ’em with a pretty top and a great heel or boot.

    I’m a teacher and wear both of these looks and have met many professors who do the same. Relax. People will take you seriously BEYOND what you wear, as long as you talk-the-talk! πŸ™‚

  • Sorry cros-dressing females but Tom Mix ,Roy Rogers , Cisco Kid and Gene Autry all pioneered wearing cowboy skinny / legging type pants; usually wool gabadine material and looked very masculine and upscale when contrasted with baggy pants wearing cowboys.

  • Beth

    I just bought my first pair of jeggings a couple of weeks ago. At first I was against them. Sure, I love skinny jeans, and yes I love leggings under skirts…but I thought the idea was dumb.
    My friend convinced me to try on a pair, and I found a long tank, with a long sweater shrug to go with them and I instantly fell in love. As for the camel toe issue, wear the correct underwear and get the right size jeggings and you won’t have that problem. πŸ™‚
    I’m 5’6″ and I’m pretty average sized, curvy, especially in my lower half. I’m not large by any means, but then again, I’m not thin either πŸ™‚
    I find that jeggings, when paired with the correct top, can look really great on anyone, it’s just a matter of fit and what it’s paired with…
    As for the woman who said A-Line and belted dresses would get us who wear jeggings more respectable men…that was slightly rude, don’t you think?
    I love dresses, and I always wear them when the weather/mood/setting permits. But when I want to be more relaxed, a day at the mall or out to lunch with my RESPECTABLE boyfriend…I can see myself wearing jeggings, a nice pair of leather knee-high boots, and a long sweater…it’s all a matter of taste. This is just my opinion after all. πŸ™‚

  • Kay

    I do think that jeggings go well with a tunic. Also try a short jean mini-skirt over jeggings , a black top and over that, an unbuttoned plaid shirt. I like the look, and if you really want to add more, have some fun with gray laceless Converse sneakers.

  • trish

    SOME type of jeegings look just like jeans, you can hardly tell theyre jeggings. with those, you dont have to wear long top to cover your butts, you can normally wear them like you wear jeans.

  • Heather

    I agree with KD; after seeing Conan wear them on his show I was turned off. But unfortunatly my mother bought me a pair for christmas so Im obligated to wear them to spare her feelings. They only go with long loose shirts though. Do NOT wear them with a tight short shirt, dresses or skirts.
    Jeggings suck.

  • Dee

    Beth, I agree… very rude. I also have ‘class’ and I live in them! I am 37, a size 2 and I have ZERO problems showing anything that should not be seen. Knee high boots, sweater, or tunic. Fantastic. Throw on a long necklace and even a blazer, fabulous. It’s called style, style changes and not all fashion works for everyone. You don’t need to knock it, I would never wear an A line skirt but I don’t think they are stupid! If you think they are classless, dont wear them. It makes me think you live in the 50’s, but hey, to each his own!

  • CAguirre

    Jeggings & Leggings are both fantastic (: They’re so versatile and are a waredrobe must have for everyone. I disagree with needing to cover your hip area. It you’ve got it; flaunt it.

    The end of Comment #19 displeased me very much. If you’re bigger than a size 4, you have just as equal chance of pulling these off as anyone. It just depends on your fashion knowledge. You may be like me, very toned upper body and abdomin with very toned muscular legs. You can still work them ;]

  • Dakota

    I have been thinking about getting a pair of jeggings BUT im kinda a bigger girl 5’2 and 10 to a 12 are normaly my sizes and I don’t where many skinny jeans, because im a little inscusre about my weight and a small muffin to. I worry my muffin top would really show and I wouldnt even wanna where them. I seen some smaller girls at my school whereing them booty showing and all and she looked great in them. I mean i dont know i think its a really cute idea but maybe not for me????

  • Dakota,

    If you really want to try them out but you’re worried about spillage, try Spanx or any other kind of control top which will keep your parts in place! If you’re not comfortable with showing your behind in jeggings, just pair them with a longer tee or cardigan! Hope this helps!

  • Fay

    I just bought my first pair and I absolutely love them. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever worn. But I can only wear them with long mid-calf sweaters and tunic tops as I have belly fat to cover. But I look way better in these than in any of my other plus size clothing. Now I can dress like I’m thin even when I’m not. πŸ™‚ as long as key areas are well covered.

  • CLB

    I think it’s funny how all the women are like “they’re so sexy and amazing” and the men are like “uhm, NO.”
    just thought it funny – i mean who do women dress for? (mostly i mean)

  • CLB

    Oh and despite that the chick featured in the top of the article on the left is skinny and hot doesn’t change the fact she totally has Cameltoe! The other two look fine though.

  • Lilly

    Trust me, I got like 6 hoodies for back to school in the fall, and they looked good with my new jeggings if they were NOT really fit. If they were a little big on me, it looked good. Also, if you don’t like getting hoodies that’s bigger on you, pull it down then with a wide belt put it at where you would put a belt, and it will look pretty, I think. I hate wearing tops that are big on me, and I hate them if their small so I do the belt thing. Hope that helped!

  • Annika Γ…kerlund-Wheble

    I just love skinny-jeans and jeggings, as you don’t get a hard button in your tummy and seeing as I have a great bum, but narrowish hips they create a curve on my body. I will ALWAYS wear jeggings, no matter my age, though maybe not torned ones when I get older.

    A question; Which brands sell jeggings for us who are shorter? I’m 5ft2, as you were talking about jeggings with shorter legs.

  • artsybrooke

    it really irritates me to see people say that bigger girls won’t look good in a pair of jeggings or skinny jeans. I’m a bigger girl and have always felt that if I bought a pair then people would judge me in public for wearing them but now I don’t care. A darker wash jegging actually has a very slimming effect for my body type and i absolutely adore the pair i got!! Just because we have big asses or thighs gives other people no right to tell us we shouldn’t wear certain things, if you feel beautiful and confident in them then rock them!!!

  • Rick

    i’m a guy, and I love jeggings. I own 3 pairs, my girlfrind can’t keep her hands off me when I have them on.
    every time I out and about in them I alwas get positive feed back. I allways run into at lest 2 or 3 ladys saying one of two things. 1 more guy would buy them. 2 That there boyfriend would try on a pair. Also I have been hit on more then a few time in them.

  • Bel

    Jeggings look great if you’ve got long, toned legs or at least toned legs if you’re wearing a thigh length tunic shirt oor jumper They look pretty dreadful if your bottom or from leg split shows – with a too short top just below waist or hip length top – on anyone – good figure or not. If you’ve got a fat bottom or thicker / fat thighs, then wear a very long above knee top or dress or don’t wear them at all. Don’t wear then with clumpy boots or shoes. They look better with slimmer flat pumps or skinny not too high heels (very high heels are too tarty) and look best with ankle or thigh length boots / Uggs.

    Just my opinion

  • Kayla

    I have two pairs of jeggings, but they’re more on the legging side, ( Which means they are leggings, they only LOOK like jeans) They do NOT look good with short tops. You have to cover your butt. Otherwise your butt is hanging out and you look ridiculous, and classless. This is my opinion, and I’m not trying to hurt anybody.

    But this is only for the jeggings more on the LEGGING side.
    There are jeggings that are more like jeans,(They even feel like jeans when you touch them, but they are still the legging fit, etc.) and when you wear those you don’t have to cover your butt.

    I wish more girls would wear dresses. I LOVE babydoll dresses with long/normal size cardigans and ballet flats. If you watch “Glee” I am reffering to Dianna Agron “Quinn’s” look. Its so sweet, simple, and girly without looking overdone. But like I said, I love my jeans and leggings and jeggings, but I think babydoll dresses, ballet flats, and cardigans are a must have in any girls closet. But that’s my opinion.


  • mich

    I always need a tight control panty when wearing. VPL a problem.

  • Trish

    I like jeggings alot I think there comfortable and very look great with long shirts. I wear them most of the time with heels . My husband likes me to wear a pair of 2 to 3 inch mules with them.

  • Kate Sanders

    I wear Jeggings ALL the time! I wear them to work/clubbing/dinner and I think they can be worn without a long shirt! Mine just look like jeans (I bought them at Target). I say wear what makes YOU feel good πŸ™‚

    That’s all that matters anyways πŸ˜€

  • Marabuu

    I got my first pair of jeggings today and I have to say I really really like them! They are the cheaper leggings-that-look-like-jeans type of jeggings but are still super comfortable and look amazing with my boots!! One problem with these is the pockets look huge… And I don’t even have a big butt… But they look awesome with a long t-shirt which is my wardrobe staple πŸ™‚ I bet if I bought a more expensive pair (j.crew, hollister, abercrombie) jeans-that-stretch-like-leggings type of jeggings it would look better. But these are amazing!! I am going back tomorrow to buy a few more pairs! They make my booty look toned, lifted and just adorable, and my legs look even longer and leaner than they are IRL. My boyfriend was sold as soon as he took a gander! I recommend for ladies who need instant sex appeal. And to the lady who suggested we try a-line skirts… You should knock something before you try it, you may just love it!!!!

  • I totally agree with you Marabuu!

    There’s something about jeggings that really makes your butt and thighs look super toned!

  • So true Kate!

  • Gabi

    I love Jeggings! IΒ΄m a size 2 and my hips/butt/thighs are pretty tiny, so I donΒ΄t see a problem with wearing them with short tops (although most of my jeggings look more like skin tight skinny jeans than leggings). If you buy the right size and fit for your body, you wonΒ΄t get the dreaded camel toe ;p
    As for shoes, I wear them with super high heels (boots or pumps) and ballet flats or flat boots. I dont like mid-size heels.