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How to Exfoliate Your Legs

When it comes to exfoliating, your legs are one of the most important aspects of that process. Especially now during the summer, a set of silky smooth legs is something you’ll definitely want! And with all of the sun you’ll be getting, the constant shaving, and the chemicals in the pool, your skin is taking… Read More »

How to Make Your Own Face Wash

Stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on expensive face washes, and instead, make your own! It’s easy, it’s cheap, and best of all – all natural, so it’s way better for your skin than all those store-bought washes. How to make your own face wash? Easy! Just follow the directions below! How to Make Your… Read More »

How to Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep

  You know those fine lines you sometimes wake up with on your face? Those are called sleep wrinkles and they’re horrible for your complexion. When you’re young, those fine lines that appear on your face after you’ve woken up disappear. But, as time passes and you get older, they’ll actually stay there for good since… Read More »

How to Make a Detoxifying Face Mask

If you’ve been experiencing long nights, especially when drinking is involved, it will take a toll on your skin. All of that alcohol is actually drying up your skin, clogging your pores, and that results in redness and/or pimples. To remove all of those toxins from your skin you’ll need to prep a detoxifying face… Read More »

Homemade Margarita Salt Scrub: A DIY Project

I don’t know what it is about homemade beauty products, but I think I might actually be obsessed. From dry shampoos to face masks, I’ve tackled almost every beauty arsenal you could think of right in my kitchen. And why not? It’s fun, it’s cheap, and best of all – it’s all natural. Basically, when you… Read More »

DIY Mango Butter

  Don’t you just love the feeling of freshly whipped body butter on your skin? I know I do! But it’s actually even funner to make your own rather than buying it. Not only is it a lot less expensive, but it won’t come with all of that crap that’s found in store bought recipes.… Read More »

10 Best Self Tanners For Your Face and Body

Instead of baking under the sun this summer and risk getting skin cancer AND premature wrinkles, go the modern way with self tanners. It’s a much more healthier alternative and your skin will definitely thank you later for it. But when it comes to choosing a self tanner, the decision can be a daunting one. There’s… Read More »

How to Make Your Own Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask

If you’re a big fan of Lush Cosmetics, then this is definitely for you! If you don’t know much about Lush Cosmetics here’s a little crash course. It’s a cosmetics company that handmakes all natural, vegan products for skin, hair and hair. On every single product, you’ll be able to read every single ingredient AND understand… Read More »