If you’re getting married soon, chances are, you’ve probably already thought of wedding hairstyles! But even if you’re nowhere near close to marriage, you’ve most likely thought of wedding hairstyles nonetheless, am I right? In either chase, these 30 stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair will make you fall in love! Browse through this gorgeous collection of wedding hair from up-dos, to side dos, to chignons, braids, accessories, flowers, and everything in between – there’s something for everyone! So if you have medium to long hair, these hairstyles are definitely for you!

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

#1. Fishtail Wedding Hair With Accessory

fishtail wedding hair

#2. Side Swept Wedding Hairstyle

one side wedding hairstyle

#3. Blonde Fishtail Wedding Hair

blonde fishtail wedding hair

#4. Cascading Wedding Hair

cascading wedding hair

#5. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair With Flower Accessories

half up half down wedding hair

#6. Braided Wedding Hair

braided wedding hair

#7. Chignon Wedding Hair

chignon wedding hair

#8. Curly Updo Wedding Hair

curls wedding hair

#9. High, Messy Chignon Wedding Hair

high chignon wedding hair

#10. Messy Chignon Wedding Hair

messy chignon wedding hair

#11. Face Framing Wedding Hair

face framing wedding hair

#12. Side Braid Wedding Hair

side braid wedding hair

#13. Flower Chignon Wedding Hair

flower chignon wedding hair

#14. Natural Flowers Wedding Hair

flower wedding hair

#15. Flower Arrangement Wedding Hair

natural flowers wedding hair

#16. Classy Flowers Wedding Hair

classy flowers wedding hair

#17. Chignon and Flowers Wedding Hair

chignon and flowers wedding hair

#18. Braided Chignon Wedding Hair

braided chignon wedding hair

#19. Relaxed Chignon Wedding Hair

messy flowers chignon wedding hair

#20. Flower Accessory Wedding Hair

flower accessory wedding hair

#21. Loose Curls Wedding Hair

loose curls wedding hair

#22. Dutch Braid Wedding Hair

dutch braid wedding hair

#23. Small Flowers Wedding Hair

small flowers wedding hair

#24. Messy Bun Wedding Hair

messy bun wedding hair

#25. Flower Crown Wedding Hair

flower crown wedding hair

#26. Messy Updo Wedding Hair

messy updo wedding hair

#27. Wedding Hair Accessory

wedding hair accessory

#28. Curly Wedding Hair

curly wedding hair

#29. Side Curls Wedding Hair

side curls wedding hair

#30. Classic Curls Wedding Hair

classic curls wedding hair

Source for Images: WeddingForward

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