30 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

By Aniela / March 21, 2017

If you're getting married soon, chances are, you've probably already thought of wedding hairstyles! But even if you're nowhere near close to marriage, you've most likely thought of wedding hairstyles nonetheless, am I right? In either chase, these 30 stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair will make you fall in love! Browse through this gorgeous collection of wedding hair from up-dos, to side dos, to chignons, braids, accessories, flowers, and everything in between – there's something for everyone! So if you have medium to long hair, these hairstyles are definitely for you!

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

#1. Fishtail Wedding Hair With Accessory

fishtail wedding hair

#2. Side Swept Wedding Hairstyle

one side wedding hairstyle

#3. Blonde Fishtail Wedding Hair

blonde fishtail wedding hair

#4. Cascading Wedding Hair

cascading wedding hair

#5. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hair With Flower Accessories

half up half down wedding hair

#6. Braided Wedding Hair

braided wedding hair

#7. Chignon Wedding Hair

chignon wedding hair

#8. Curly Updo Wedding Hair

curls wedding hair

#9. High, Messy Chignon Wedding Hair

high chignon wedding hair

#10. Messy Chignon Wedding Hair

messy chignon wedding hair

#11. Face Framing Wedding Hair

face framing wedding hair

#12. Side Braid Wedding Hair

side braid wedding hair

#13. Flower Chignon Wedding Hair

flower chignon wedding hair

#14. Natural Flowers Wedding Hair

flower wedding hair

#15. Flower Arrangement Wedding Hair

natural flowers wedding hair

#16. Classy Flowers Wedding Hair

classy flowers wedding hair

#17. Chignon and Flowers Wedding Hair

chignon and flowers wedding hair

#18. Braided Chignon Wedding Hair

braided chignon wedding hair

#19. Relaxed Chignon Wedding Hair

messy flowers chignon wedding hair

#20. Flower Accessory Wedding Hair

flower accessory wedding hair

#21. Loose Curls Wedding Hair

loose curls wedding hair

#22. Dutch Braid Wedding Hair

dutch braid wedding hair

#23. Small Flowers Wedding Hair

small flowers wedding hair

#24. Messy Bun Wedding Hair

messy bun wedding hair

#25. Flower Crown Wedding Hair

flower crown wedding hair

#26. Messy Updo Wedding Hair

messy updo wedding hair

#27. Wedding Hair Accessory

wedding hair accessory

#28. Curly Wedding Hair

curly wedding hair

#29. Side Curls Wedding Hair

side curls wedding hair

#30. Classic Curls Wedding Hair

classic curls wedding hair

Source for Images: WeddingForward

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