Six Way Nail Buffer

By Aniela / February 19, 2008

I just couldn't wait to write about this new six way nail buffer I just bought! It is seriously the greatest thing you can get for nail maintenance. It's one buffer that does six different things! Who needs the salon when you've got this baby?

Six Way Nail Buffer

I am talking about Life Essentials 6 Way Nail Buffer and it's only $3! Not only does this buffer shape and smooth nails, but it also makes your nails shine, and removes dirt and discoloring.

So how does it work? It's very simple. This 6-way nail buffer has 6 different parts to it. The top part is the white buffering board which you use to smooth out your nails and remove any ridges there might be.

On the back side, there is the grainy part which you use to file your nails and get them to their desired shape. The first side of the buffer evens out the nails and smoothes them.

One the other side, you have another buffer and a shiner. So you have all 6 must-haves for your nails in one buffer!

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14 years ago

Where can you buy this?