Neutrogena WAVE Power Cleanser

By Aniela / February 20, 2008

Once in a while, I find a product that pleases me to no end, and I absolutely have to write about it and let people know just how great it is. A revolutionary cleansing system that lets you be your very own esthetician in the comfort of your own home. Neutrogena's WAVE Power Cleanser lets you be in charge of your skin making it soft, smooth, and bright.

Neutrogena WAVE Power Cleanser


I first started using the WAVE Power Cleanser about 2 weeks go and I've seen a big improvement since that time. To start off, my skin was much more brighter, which I'd had a lot of trouble with before. I can tell there is a glow now that I haven't seen before. It also feels a lot smoother and cleaner too.

What this system does is basically renews your skin. Young skin renews itself every 28 days, but the aging process slows down your natural exfoliation, collagen production, and moisture retention. With the WAVE Cleanser you'll keep cell-turnover moving with the at-home exfoliator and brightener.

After just one week, I could already seen a big improvement. All I had to do was attach a pre-dosed, single use, textured pad on the top of it, ran it under water just to get it wet a little, pressed the button, and glided it gently over my face. Unlike other harsh exfoliating beads, it didn't really feel all that bad. It vibrated gently, while using a cleansing and moisturizing foam that left my skin feeling fresh, renewed and healthy. I could immediately see brighter skin.

The great thing about the WAVE Cleanser is that it's gentle enough to use every day so you don't have to worry about irritation. It's very small so it doesn't occupy much space, and it's also safe to use in the shower. So don't use the excuse that you don't have time! Take it with you in the shower, and save some time!

It's especially excellent for pore-prone areas such as around your nose and on your chin. If that is your problem area, concentrate on that and you'll see a big difference in just a few days. Like I said, after about a week, your skin will have a complete turn around. It's like an at-home spa device- simply amazing!

Oh and one more good thing about it is that it doesn't look scary and intimidating! It's pink and white (friendly colors of course) and it's fun to use, not to mention how good it feels on your skin. It's like getting a professional face massage. That's one more bonus: massaging your face will get your blood flow moving more, therefore giving your skin that extra glow, the pink cheeks…the works!

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16 years ago

i just bought the Wave and i couldnt be happier. i saw an immediate improvement after just one use. No lie. i absolutely love the Wave and can’t believe something so little can do such wonders. my skin feels soft and its glowing and its only the second day. i highly recommend this product if you want smooth and soft skin. Kudos to Neutrogena for a wonderful new product!

15 years ago

I just bought the wave yesterday, im super happy with it already. i usualy

14 years ago

The Wave cleanser is truly amazing! My aunt took me to target to buy something. I always knew the neutrogena wave was “really good” but it was kinda expensive and I thought it would just be like any old cleanser. But since I had one stubborn pimple that wouldn’t go away, I thought, okay let’s try this out! So. I bought the Wave Duo with exfoliating refill pads. I used it the next morning and I was shocked! I am Indian and have darker skin so it’s hard to look at reviews and believe them for me. But honestly I… Read more »

14 years ago

I just bought the WAVE 2 days ago and must say it is a great little wonder ,a definite must to have as part of your cleansing routine.I am in my 40s and bought it for my young daughter.So I thought I must try to see what the fuss was and WOW!! it works wonders for my age?? It is just a fantastic product.What I do is put my own micro dermabrasion beads om my skin and use the wave pads for exfoliating once a week and bingo fantastic.Thanku neutrogena you’ve done it again.

14 years ago

I just got one two days ago! Im so happy already! My skin is super smooth already, and my nose has less visible blackheads! I recomend this to everyone who hasn’t tried this amazing product! Con: Having to change the pads gets upsetting 🙁 And i seriously don’t want to think about when i run out of pads >< Tips: If you run out of pads, save one. And i personaly use Body shop: Face wash and i directly put some on it, and i rub it in with my fingers, put it under water, and just use it like… Read more »

OLivia Gemmiti
13 years ago

My wave duo isnt making bubbles. Well i mean it is but not as much as i think it should. How do i make it ha a lot of bubbles? Email me at if u know a answer! Thx