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Revlon Nail Art Neon

Revlon Nail Art Neon Polish Review

I know it’s a little late in the season to be writing about neon nail polish, but I feel like I really must give a little review about Revlon’s new Nail Art Neon polish.

Revlon Nail Art Neon comes in a tube-like container with two colors:  white for the base, and another color of your choosing (whether it be pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, etc). The white is supposed to make the colors pop, so that’s why you need to use it as a base coat.

So I bought the Revlon Nail Art Neon polish in Fuchsia Shock because I’m a huge fan of pink, and frankly, I just wanted to see what this new gimmick would be like. At first I was super excited, thinking that this would be the brightest neon shade I would ever try, but let me tell you – I was very very disappointed!

First off, I would like to let you know that my nails were perfectly clean and perfectly polished. I was in no rush, and I consider myself a pretty seasoned nail polisher. Needless to say, the application of Revlon’s Nail Art Neon polish was just grueling.

The white base coat went on extremely streaky. You only have to use one coat, but that one coat you do use is just really bad. Regardless, I didn’t think that mattered much since the color would go on top anyways.

After applying the base coat, you must wait about 1 minute for it to dry. You can then proceed with your color; in my case the Fuchsia Shock. Directions say to apply two coats (and remember you must work very quickly!), but I found I actually needed three coats! What’s worse is that the brushes are super tiny and really bad quality which makes the application very difficult, streaky, cakey, and just overall messy. You also have to be very careful of how you apply your color coat, since the white undercoat tends to be seen underneath if you don’t do it perfectly.

So in total, I had to apply SIX coats of polish – my base coat, the white polish, three coats of color, and top coat. But what I found really annoying was the the more coats you put on, the less neon-y it would be. But without extra coats, it looked very messy and unfinished. Also, since neons tend to be matte, you usually have to apply a top shine coat to give it a little lustre.

In the end, neon was definitely NOT what I ended up with. At best, it was a meek attempt at a pinkish neon (which actually looked more orange than anything). Nice try from Revlon, but I will not be purchasing any other shades – I think I’ll just stick to regular neon shades instead!

PRICE - Around $7.99 (depending on your location)

PACKAGING-  Convenient, Small, Portable

BRUSHES – Small, Bad Quality – Made for Very Difficult Application

POLISH COLORS – Not vibrant enough 

OVERALL RATING – Not worth your money – stick to regular neon polish 

Revlon New Complexion2

Revlon New Complexion-One Step Compact Review

I’ve never really been a fan of compact foundations, especially since my skin is a little on the oily side, but the counter girl at my local beauty store recommended Revlon’s New Complexion One Step Compact and I thought why not?

For the price ($19 CDN), this foundation is actually pretty good. Like I said, I have oily skin, so I was reluctant to slather this creamy substance on my face, but I must say, it did not make my face any oilier.

The coverage is very good for a compact and it concealed all my scars, redness, and any pimples I had. The compact goes on smooth and creamy and also seems to last a full day without having to reapply. Mind you, I do use a primer as well as a setting powder, so that might help a little too!

The compact comes with a thin, rounded sponge, but you’ll get a more natural look using a foundation brush. Either way, you can still use the sponge…it does the job!

What I really liked most about this compact foundation thought was the fact that it looked so natural. It did not look cakey, fake, or like I even had anything on – it matched my skin perfectly.

Although I do have a negative comment to make about this product…they simply do not have enough shades! If you’re lighter skinned, you might have trouble finding your right shade. But let’s just hope that they’ll churn out more shades in the future.

All in all, the Revlon New Complexion Compact is a really good buy for the price. It goes on smooth, looks natural, stays on all day, and best of all, it’s fairly priced!

Miriam Quevedo Gold Mask

Hair Mask With Gold and Caviar? YES PLEASE!

I recently picked up a hair mask called Sublime Gold by Miriam Quevedo at Winners, since the cute gold bottle caught my eye. But that’s not the only thing that got my attention! As I flipped the bottle to read the ingredients, two little words caught my eye : micronized gold and caviar.

Yes, you read right: this hair mask contains active ingredients of gold and caviar and promises to leave hair silky smooth, soft, and extremely shiny. Now if this mask wasn’t going to leave me feeling rich and luxurious, I don’t know what would have! And at only $9.99 a bottle, I couldn’t resist!

The Gold mask contains the following active ingredients:

  • Micronized gold
  • Caviar
  • Imperial orchid
  • Bio argan oil
  • Panthenol
  • Hydrolysed keratin
  • Green tea

I swear this mask was made for a greek goddess, so I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now (almost every single day), and I SWEAR by it. After shampooing, I apply a small amount to my wet hair and massage it throughout. Then, I take a wide tooth comb and brush my hair from bottom to top. Leave it in for 5-15 minutes (the longer the better), and rinse out.

My hair is the silkiest, smoothest, and shiniest it has ever been. NOTHING has ever made my hair look like this, and I’m not just saying that because of all the fancy ingredients it contains. This product really is a miracle in a bottle! Since it contains gold, it also gives your hair some beautiful, natural looking highlights which you’ll start seeing after about a week.

To sum it up, the Miriam Quevedo Gold mask is every girl’s must have. I’m not sure where else you can buy it from in stores, but you can definitely find it on eBay and Amazon. Happy shopping and shiny hair to all!

Gosh Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen in Green

Gosh Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen – Not so Long Lasting

In honor of the upcoming holidays, I thought I’d give a little product review on Gosh Long Lasting Eye Liner Pens since they come in a variety of sparkling colors! I was pretty excited when I saw these liquid eyeliners – they come in blue, green, purple, and a few other colors that looked amazing when I tried them on my hand.

The thing that really caught my eye was their sparkliness, so I thought they would be perfect for the holiday. I picked up a sparkly green shade that looked just amazing, and also just a regular black shade. At CDN $15 a pop, it wasn’t really a steal, but also wasn’t breaking the bank.

Well I’m sorry to tell you that I was extremely disappointed. Long lasting? Not a chance! For a liquid eyeliner pen, it should have lasted much much longer. But the thing is that the eyeliner didn’t just disappear like others do, it did something much worse: it chipped and flaked (just like nail polish).

So within 3-4 hours, I was left with empty spots of eyeliner on my waterline, which looked like some sort of Halloween getup. Also, I would start feeling little flakes fall on my face throughout the day – which got me even angrier.

What’s worse is that I had to apply two layers since the first layer was so thin and sometimes barely visible.

So would I recommend this product to anyone? N.O! Definitely not. Save your money and instead head to your local MAC counter…where you know you can at least count on their products!

Benefit Smokin Eyes

Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Review

The Benefit Smokin Eyes palette is probably one of the best eye palettes I have ever purchased. Not only is it perfect for travel or just having in your bag for touch-ups, but it’s super easy to use and gives you  the perfect smokey eye.

The palette is encased in a cute little cardboard box, as with everything from Benefit. Each color has its own little pot and also comes with a set of very detailed and simple to follow instructions….especially for those who aren’t so accustomed to doing a smokey eye.

What it Contains:

  • Pink eye brightener
  • Pink highlighting shadow
  • Pewter base shadow
  • Deep charcoal shadow
  • Mini black eyeliner
  • Brown brow wax
  • Shadow/angle brush (in 1)
  • Mini tweezers
  • How-to instructions

As you can see, this kit really has everything you need to make the perfect smokey eye. The colors are actually really pretty, and give a softer, but still very noticeable smokey eye. What I really love about this kit ($36), is the fact that a pair of tweezers was included…which can come in really handy at any point in time!

For $36, this palette is just fabulous! There is literally everything you need in here (except for the mascara) so I would highly recommend this to anyone who is just starting out with makeup, is on the go, or just wants an easy to go to palette!

Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser

Biore Pore Perfect Warming Cleanser Product Review

I have heard great things about Biore’s Pore Perfect Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser for a while now, but never really gave it a shot until about 3 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve used this product twice a day (morning and night)…so here are my thoughts on it.

The best part of Biore’s Pore Perfect Warming Cleanser is the warming sensation you get when you apply it to your skin. Yes, it only lasts about two seconds, but it’s very calming and relaxing, and so I love using this stuff right before bed.

The gentle beads are perfect for exfoliating and it also has a nice scent to it. Biore is usually known to cater to sensitive skin so that’s why I was surprised to find that after about a week of using this product, my skin became very dry, especially on my neck and chin.

As for the blackheads part…it really didn’t do much of a difference for me. I believe this product is supposed to keep blackheads away and not get rid of them – so far, I haven’t had any new blackheads on my skin that I noticed. As for getting rid of blackheads or pimples, I did not notice any difference whatsoever.

I would only recommend this product for its warming sensation – it is otherwise pretty useless. Also, if you have sensitive skin like me, I would recommend that you only use this product two or three times a week as it dries up your skin very quickly.

Self Tanner

Must-Have Self Tanner: Vichy Autobronzant

Vichy’s Capital Soleil Autobronzant is like a God-sent self-tanner for me. I ask myself every day, how I could have gone so long without trying this stuff…is beyond me. Anyways, I gave it a go a couple of weeks ago when I bought the rest of my Vichy loot (which I love!) and I immediately fell in love with it.


  1. It doesn’t have that gross self-tanning smell that most self-tanners have. It actually just smells like a regular moisturizer
  2. It develops within one hour – you can actually see results in less than that.
  3. It leaves you with a beautiful, perfect glow – not orangey, fake, or super dark – just enough to make it look as if you’ve been sitting in the sun for a bit.
  4. It doesn’t clog pores or break you out. Vichy is known for their sensitive skin products so this is 100% safe to use on acne prone or sensitive skin.
  5. It doesn’t leave streaks  - just make sure you blend it well into your skin!
  6. The color doesn’t fade away quickly and you can build it to your liking. If you want a darker look, just apply more!
  7. It goes on smoothly and hydrates your skin for hours.
  8. Last but not least, it looks extremely natural.

Can I say anything bad about this product? No, not really. I recommend it to anyone that wants a natural looking, safe tan. I don’t know if you can get it in stores in the United States, but you can order it online. And at only $28 a pop, you can’t really go wrong for a self-tanner!

Bourjois Effet 3d Lipgloss in Brun Poétic

Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss

Have you ever found that one beauty/makeup product that you absolutely had to shout to the entire world about? Well this is how I feel about my new Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in Brun Poétic – absolutely gorge!

Now I can’t see I’m a huge fan of lipgloss because of its stickiness and the constant reapplying, but I do buy a lot of it for some reason (okay, I get really drawn in to the pretty packaging they may come in…oops!). I picked the Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss yesterday at my local drug store simply because I’ve never seen this line before in Canada, and the display just looked so pretty and feminine. Pretty pathetic, right?

Well say what you will, but after starring at the display for about 45 minutes and contemplating what I should purchase (I only allowed myself to pick one item since they’re kinda pricey), I decided to go for a nice, $18 (yikes!) lipgloss.

Like I said, I don’t even wear lipgloss all that often, but it was probably one of the cheapest products Bourjois had and I just had to have something from this chic collection. So after zoning in on the lipglosses, I spent another 20 minutes deciding which one to get. Eventually, I settled on a beautiful pinkish-nude shade called Brun Poétic (see below).

I really liked this shade because it complemented my skin tone and I am a sucker for the nude, but shiny, lip look. Well I didn’t even wait until I got home to open it up and put it on (did it right in my car), and I fell in love with it right away! My lips looked incredibly shiny and glossy as well as plumper too (although I’m pretty sure this isn’t a plumping lipgloss)….nevertheless it seemed to me like it made my lips look a little fuller.

I love the brush wand too since you can be really precise with it and get exactly the look you want. I like to apply any lipgloss right in the middle of my lower lip for a fuller pout effect. I haven’t tried any other shades yet, but you bet I’ll be going back and picking up a few other colors as well.


  • Super shiny and glossy look
  • Glides on very smooth
  • Lasts a little longer than most glosses I’ve tried
  • Brush wand for precise application
  • Cute packaging
  • Subtle bubblegum smell
  • Wide color variety


  • $18 price tag
  • A little sticky….but that’s standard of all glosses