10 Tips for Beautiful Skin

We often hear the question, “what does it take to get beautiful skin?”, and the answer is simple! Routine, routine, routine! These 10 tips for beautiful skin will show you how to completely change the way your skin behaves by introducing it to a strict routine! If you don’t follow all of these 10 steps… Read More »

Easy Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do

Who doesn’t love a good hair tutorial every now and then? Unfortunately, some of the hair tutorials we do find, are incredibly hard to pull off! These easy hairstyles though, are MADE so that anyone can replicate them whether you’re a hair guru or a disaster. We’ve tried a bunch of different hairstyles to see… Read More »

DIY Hair Growth Juice for Long, Luscious Hair

Have we got a treat in store for you! We’ve scoured to find the absolute best hair growth juice, and after months of trial and error,  we have a WINNER! Drinking this juice every day for about 2-3 weeks, resulted in stronger, shinier, longer, and overall healthier hair! We can’t really explain it but this is… Read More »

DIY Vitamin E Face Cream

This DIY face cream with vitamin E is one of my all-time favorite homemade face creams! It’s extremely soothing and moisturizing, so perfect for the cold winter months, and it’s so easy and cheap to whip up! Instead of spending a ton of cash on expensive creams, make your own – it’s totally worth it… Read More »

7 Weird Shampoo Tricks For Luscious Hair

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Homemade Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe

These cold winter months can really take a toll on your skin, leaving it dry, flaky, and cracking. One of our favorite DIY recipes to combat skin dryness during the winter is this homemade oatmeal milk bath! Once you’ve made this oatmeal milk bath, you’ll feel like you’re in the most luxurious of spas, and… Read More »

Marble Nails Tutorial

Since marble nails are trending right now, we thought we’d give you a little tutorial on how to exactly replicate them! Marble nails look super cool and work for any occasion! This marble nails tutorial is super easy to follow, and we guarantee you’ll have NO problem replicating it even if you’re new to nail… Read More »

22 Winter Outfit Ideas To Keep You Warm

If you’re feeling a little less than warm this winter, don’t worry, we’re all in it together! We’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite winter outfit ideas to keep you warm this winter! These outfits are super cute and very easy to replicate as they don’t require too much “attention”. No doubt you already have… Read More »

8 Best Face Masks Under $10

Is there anything better than getting a good bargain, especially when it comes to beauty products? We think not! We’ve scoured high and low to find the absolute 8 best face masks under $10! Sure the price is great, but how do you know they actually do what they say? Well, we’ve tried them all… Read More »

5 Natural Oils That Stop Hair Loss & Breakage

If you hair’s been less than stellar lately, then you need to read this post! These 5 are the best oils for hair loss! These 5 natural oils that stop hair loss & breakage are actually proven to put a complete stop to hair loss, prevent it, and re-grow hair healthier and thicker than ever… Read More »