CG LashBlast Luxe Review

So I told you guys a little while ago that my favorite mascara so far was CoverGirl LashBlast, and it is hands down, still the best in my opinion.

Anyways, CG came out with a new version of LashBlast called LashBlast Luxe which is basically the same thing as the regular one except they promise a little sparkle on the wand that’s supposed to show when you put it on. Well I tried it and here’s my verdict:

The Luxe is just as good as the regular LashBlast, and I honestly see no difference. It’s still got the same great volumizing and lengthening properties, but I couldn’t really see any sparkle. Upon really getting close to my mirror and staring, I saw a little sparkle, but still, nothing to swoon over.

So if you’re heading out wanting to try LashBlast Luxe, but you already have the regular LashBlast, I suggest saving your money and getting something else instead. There is almost no difference between the two, and although I believe the price is the same, if you’ve already got the regular LashBlast, just stick with that!