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Here are  17 pink nail designs you’ll want to copy immediately! These pink nail designs are SO uber cute, we’ve had everyone try to replicate every single one of these looks – let’s just say we feel in pink love! Ranging from super light pink to super dark pink, these nail designs will be the envy of every nail design lover! Whether you have short nails or long nails, these designs will work on all nail types. Check out these designs and choose one you’d like to replicate! And hey, if you’re not the best at doing your own nails, take the picture to your local nail salon and have them do it – salons love it when people bring in new and fresh ideas.

Valentine’s Day is also coming up, and ALL of these nail design ideas would work perfectly! Which design would you choose? I especially love the pink and glitter ones, because an accent nail always make a manicure that much more intriguing! When copying any one of these designs, make sure to put your own spin on it! Like black sparkles? Use those instead of confetti sparkles! Because after all, the most important thing to remember here is that YOU like them!

Happy Painting!

17 Pink Nail Designs

#1. Pink and White Nails

pink and white nails

#2. Pink Chevron Nails

pink chevron nails

#3. Pink Glitter Nails

pink glitter nails

#4. Light Pink Glitter Nails

light pink glitter nails

#5. Pink and Mauve Nails

pink and mauve nails

#6. Matte Pink With Accent Nails

matte pink with accent nails

#7. Dark Pink With Sparkles

dark pink with sparkles nails

#8. Confetti Glitter Pink Nails

confetti glitter pink nails

#9. Mirrored Pink Nails

mirrored pink nails

#10. Black and Pink Nails

black and pink nails

#11. Pink and Silver Glitter Nails

pink and silver glitter nails

#12. Pink Polka Dot Nails

pink polka dota nails

#13. Pink and Black Splatter Nails

pink and black splatter nails

#14. Printed Pink Nails

printed pink nails

#15. Pink and White Zig Zag Nails

pink and white zig zag nails

#16. Pink Heart Nails

pink heart nails

#17. Pink and White Flower Nails

pink and white flower nails

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Image Source: Glaminati

pink nails designs

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