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Sexiest Swimwear Styles to Try This Summer

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but swimwear has gotten a major overhaul in the past couple of years. Old school high-waisted bottoms are super hot right now as are one-piece bikinis. And that’s good news for almost everyone as these styles work for almost any body type. But don’t be fooled: these “new” swimsuits… Read More »

2015 Summer Fashion Trends

I couldn’t be more excited for summer fashion even if you paid me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything summer and everything fashion so those two combined make me hella happy. And of course this only means one thing: SHOPPING. Although I’m a big fan of trying stuff on before buying it, there’s something deliciously exciting… Read More »

Swimsuit Trends For 2015

Can you believe it? Summer is almost here and it’s time to shave our legs, get a summer-ready pedi, and hit the beach! While all that sounds fun, getting into a swimsuit may NOT necessarily appeal to you. But you know what – screw it! It’s YOUR summer, so enjoy it! Wear whatever swimsuit you want… Read More »

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

31 uniquely clever Halloween costume ideas that NO ONE else will have! Halloween is almost here and it’s time to break out your creativity and let that mother shine! This year, instead of going with the usual suspects, pick something unique…something that no one else will have! Like these costumes ideas that will have people… Read More »

How to Pull Off the Color Of the Season: Burgundy

Although I’ve never been a big fan of burgundy, this seasons seems to really have taken a liking to this most odd color. Yes, it’s a deep red, and, for those who like red, this might just be their color. But I’ve never been a fan or red either. Of course this isn’t to say… Read More »

How to Wear the Nautical Trend

The nautical trend is super hot this season, but it can be a little hard to pull off, especially since there are sooo many navy inspired trends ranging from accessories to pants and shirts. So here are some basic rules you can follow for this season’s nautical looks. 1. One Item at a Time  … Read More »

2012 Spring Trends

I don’t know about all of you, but in my neck of the woods, winter was never really present (no problem here!), so I think it’s fairly appropriate to start looking and buying some of 2012’s hottest spring trends. Here’s what’s on my list for this spring: COLOR BLOCKING            … Read More »

Must-Have 2011 Fashions

Just because summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean that the year is coming to an end too. We still have plenty left of 2011, and with two new seasons in two, we’ll need to update our closets…even if just a little bit! I really loved this year in fashion, especially this past summer. All… Read More »