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Looking for a Unique Halloween Costume Idea? Look No Further!

31 uniquely clever Halloween costume ideas that NO ONE else will have! The Shining Halloween Costume Randy Marsh in ‘Medicinal Fried Chicken’ Episode Rain Costume Power Loader Baby From Aliens Potheads Portable Toilet Costume One Night Stand Nemo Costume Naked Sims >Mr. Clean Mirrored Man Magritte The Son of Man Costume Leg Lamp from a… Read More »

How to Pull Off the Color Of the Season: Burgundy

Although I’ve never been a big fan of burgundy, this seasons seems to really have taken a liking to this most odd color. Yes, it’s a deep red, and, for those who like red, this might just be their color. But I’ve never been a fan or red either. Of course this isn’t to say… Read More »

How to Wear the Nautical Trend

The nautical trend is super hot this season, but it can be a little hard to pull off, especially since there are sooo many navy inspired trends ranging from accessories to pants and shirts. So here are some basic rules you can follow for this season’s nautical looks. 1. One Item at a Time  … Read More »

2012 Spring Trends

I don’t know about all of you, but in my neck of the woods, winter was never really present (no problem here!), so I think it’s fairly appropriate to start looking and buying some of 2012’s hottest spring trends. Here’s what’s on my list for this spring: COLOR BLOCKING            … Read More »

Must-Have 2011 Fashions

Just because summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean that the year is coming to an end too. We still have plenty left of 2011, and with two new seasons in two, we’ll need to update our closets…even if just a little bit! I really loved this year in fashion, especially this past summer. All… Read More »

Fall 2o11 Trends

I hate already having to think about the fall, but let’s face it, September is only a month away and summer is slowly fading away. But at least we have plenty of new trends to look forward to which just gives us another excuse to head out and do more shopping! This fall season, there’s… Read More »

6 Rules to Wearing Prints

This summer is all about prints! Printed tees, dresses, skirts, and even printed bags. But what’s a girl to do with so many choices and so many prints? If you’ve been to any store or mall in the past month or two, you’ve probably noticed a TON of printed items, but which should you pick… Read More »

Rompers: Yay or Nay?

Is it just me or does it seem like way too many things are coming back from 2 seasons ago? I get the return of the maxi dress (it’s comfy and versatile for the summer), BUT, the return of rompers? I’m just not ready… So what do you beauties think of rompers? Are they a… Read More »